Think you know Disabled People ... Think again
SPECTRUM Centre for Independent Living CIC


Ever since 1984, SCIL has had ‘Southampton’ in its name, even though historically, much of our work has been outside of Southampton.SPECTRUM LOGO

SCIL has always worked with Disabled People from all impairment, age and equality groups. However, some people assume we only support people with physical impairments. We wanted to ensure our new name helped us to remove these misunderstandings as well.

However, changing the name of a well established organisation with a good reputation and strong identity, such as SCIL, is a serious undertaking. To ensure we got it right, we undertook research with all of our members, stakeholders, funders, and others, to find out what they felt was important for SCIL’s future.

As a result of this work, SCIL members agreed to change our name to:

 SPECTRUM Centre for Independent Living

We believe our new name more accurately communicates the diversity of the people we support, across all equality, impairment and age groups; as well as the diversity of the different work that we do.


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